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"Day Dream" At The Kennedy Center


Day Dream is a play inspired by the life of Black Homosexual Jazz Artist and Composer Billy Strayhorn.

1 Dramatic Monologue.  Video Submission.  3 Min. Maximum.  Resume.  Headshot.  

Email Submissions To


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In-Person Auditions

Thursday, March 19, 2020 


Email to set up an audition.

1 Dramatic Monologue.  3 Min. Maximum.  Resume.  Headshot.


Billy Strayhorn (Lead) Male 25-35 Black homosexual. Small in stature. Has a quiet confidence about him. Charming, yet intensely focused on his music.

Ethnicity: Black / African Descent

Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel

Lillian Strayhorn (Supporting): Female 25-45
Black Female. The mother of the lead character. Ages throughout production. Must be nurturing and elegant.

Aaron Bridgers (Supporting): Male, 25-35
Black homosexual. The love interest of the lead role (Billy Strayhorn).
Ambitious, but warmhearted. Genuine.

Lena Horne (Supporting): Female 25-35
The legendary Singer and best friend of the Lead role (Billy Strayhorn).
Must speak with a slightly southern accent. Must have a grace and elegance about her. Must be able to sing.

Vivian (Supporting): Female 25-45
Black Female. She is Trans. She loves life, and isn't afraid to take it by the horns. She is a nurse's aid. Tough and ambitious, yet sensual and charming.


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